Medical Waste Services

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Medical Waste Disposal Services

The proper management of regulated medical waste (also referred to as biohazardous wastebiomedical wastesharps waste or infectious waste) generated in healthcare facilities and commercial businesses is critical not only to avoid regulatory fines but also to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Sharps and soft wastes (red bag waste), those saturated with blood or certain other body fluids, must be adequately handled, contained, stored, shipped and treated following all local, state and federal regulations. Working with an experienced and specialized medical waste management company that provides compliant systems and training ensures regulatory compliance.

Shred Medic manages comprehensive medical waste removal programs for health care facilities and medical practices in the Sarasota, Florida. We specialize in small to mid-size medical waste generators and offer affordable options for both sharps disposal and medical waste pickup service.

Our Medical Waste Disposal Experts will develop a program to match your unique facility’s needs. We develop programs for single locations practitioners or regional chains with many locations.

We manage medical waste removal programs for small to mid-size entities such as:

  • Medical Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Walk-in Clinics
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Veterinarian Clinics

Medical Waste Pickup Service

Shred Medic operates medical waste pickup services in Sarasota and the surrounding area. Biohazardous pickup services are vital for healthcare facilities that generate larger volumes of medical waste not suitable for mailback. When sharps mailback service is not the best fit for a location, typically due to volume, we provide a route-based biohazardous waste disposal pickup service.


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