OSHA Training

Disposal container; reducing medical waste disposal. Small Medical Waste sharps container with sharps for biohazand.

OSHA Compliance Program

Did you know that OSHA could fine you up to $7,000 for each non-compliant item on their checklist? Are you current on your MSDS’s, Safety Training, and Safety Plans? Have you conducted your own workplace OSHA audit?

It all matters. Medical waste generators throughout Sarasota and Manatee County rely on Shred Medic to support their training needs.

Get Your OSHA Training from Shred Medic

Be in compliance with OSHA with Shred Medic’s online OSHA Compliance Program, which includes:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management – Access millions of Data Sheets
  • Safety Plan Builder – Create and maintain all four OSHA required safety plans in minutes
  • Safety Audits – Are you OSHA compliant? Conduct over 75 different safety audits on your facility.
  • Training – Safety training for your employees, including Blood-borne Pathogens, Hazcom, and HIPAA
  • Federal Regulations – Find the answers you need instantly. All 225,000 of them, updated monthly.
  • and more…

You can easily manage your OSHA compliance via our powerful web portal. Shred Medic helps manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Compatible with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently manage and protect your organization anywhere, anytime.

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Since 1985, the Shred Medic online compliance portal has been a trusted resource to thousands of businesses for compliance information, tools, and training. We continuously make improvements to keep you on top of the ever-changing world of compliance. You are invited to experience our Online Safety Compliance Portal, designed to cost-effectively manage multiple compliance requirements easier and faster.

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